The TCFoote Eyecare Rx Safety Eyeglass Program

The TCFoote Eyecare Safety Eyeglass Program has been designed to help individuals and companies ensure adequate protection for their eyes. We understand that eyes are the most delicate organs in the body; they are also the most exposed to harmful agents. If you want to make your business activities efficient and productive, you need to target the health and wellbeing of your employees. We, at TCFoote Eyecare, provide the best safety eyeglasses solutions to companies so that they can safeguard the health of their employees. The TCFoote Eyecare Safety Eyeglass Program can provide you with exclusively designed protective eyewear which is:

  • Scratch resistant

  • Durable

  • UV protected

  • Fog resistant

In addition, we can provide your company with protective eyewear that is prescription based. This means that we can put in bifocal and progressive prescriptions within a single vision. Your employees will now, not need safety goggles and prescription spectacles separately. They can protect their eyes from hazards AND counter their short or far-sightedness at the same time, by using our special prescription safety eyeglasses. We can also design RX safety glasses with sunglass tints, transition and polarized lenses and any other preference you may have.

We take special pride in offering TCFoote Eyecare Safety Eyeglass Program to our customers.

The process of ordering prescription safety eyeglasses for your company is easy. Just call us at 1-855-823-2020 for a subscription to the TCFoote Eyecare Safety Eyeglass Program. You can also email us at: You can then schedule a one-on-one consultation with us and brief us on all your requirements.